Find-R-Scope IR Viewers

Find-R-Scope 84499C

Find-R-Scope Infrared Viewers are ideal for detecting Near IR sources, with a reasonably sharp image that is in-focus "edge to edge". Our IR viewers offer the brightest image available today and they operate with a standard C-Cell battery, featuring a continuous-use run time of approximately >98 hours! The handheld IR viewers are designed for the observation of near-IR sources that radiate from 350-1350 nm, or you can choose the extended range viewers which have a range of 350-1550 nm.

Because of its spectral response, these IR Viewers are ideal for viewing and aligning laser beams and stray reflections (for such lasers as GaAs laser diodes @800-950 nm, Nd:YAG @1064 nm, GaAlAs @1350 nm). In spectroscopy, our IR viewers are useful in observing the reflectance properties of various materials.

With the addition of a near-infrared light source, our IR viewers can be used for such "see-in-the-dark" applications as film processing, retinal tissue examination, and night vision.

High Resolution
Bright, high-contrast image
Accepts C-Mount lenses
Interfaces to CCTV cameras
Focus as close as 4" with optional close up lens
Simple to Operate
ON-OFF Slide Switch
Uses 1 Standard C-cell Battery
Beam alignment (eg Nd:YAG, Ti Sapphire)
Observation of GaAs laser diodes and IR LEDs
View in the dark processes
Thermal imaging of objects 600°C (1112°F) and hotter
Forensic analysis of inks, pigments
Sub-surface wafer inspection (Si, GaAs)

IRV84499C and IRV84499c-5 Find-R-Scope Models

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IRV84499C and IRV84499C-5 Find-R-Scope Accessories

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