IR Viewer, IR Sensor Cards, Infrared Viewer

IR Viewer, Infrared Viewers, Near IR Sensor Cards

An IR Viewer is ideal for detecting Near IR sources, with a reasonably sharp image that is in-focus "edge to edge". Our IR Viewer offers the brightest image available today. The hand held IR viewer was designed for the observation of near-IR sources that radiate from 0.4-1.3 microns, or you can choose the extended range IR viewer which has a range of 0.4-1.5 microns.

Because of its spectral response, these IR viewers are ideal for viewing and aligning laser beams and stray reflections (for such lasers as GaAs laser diodes @800-950 nm, Nd:YAG @1064 nm, GaAlAs @1350 nm). In spectroscopy, our IR viewers are useful in observing the reflectance properties of various materials. The Ultraviolet range can also be detected by selecting our UV Viewer.

With the addition of a near-infrared light source, an IR viewer can be used for such "see-in-the-dark" applications as film processing, retinal tissue examination, and night vision.

We also provide an IR Viewer which offers a video output, capable of being used with a video monitor, or it could be integrated with a computer using a video card for example.

Near IR Sensor Cards are also available for viewing Near IR light sources. These cards can offer some flexibility not available with an IR Viewer and they are certainly less expensive if they will suit your needs.