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Laser Engraved Tags

Cascade Laser provides engraving services through our subsidiary company, Cascade Laser Engraving. We offer blank, engraved, or stamped metal tags as well as blank or engraved plastic tags. These tags can be used for applications such as product identification, nameplates, medical tags, pet tags, equipment tags, etc.

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Metal Tags

Plastic Tags

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Industrial Laser Engraving

Cascade Laser Corporation offers laser engraving services through our subsidiary, Cascade Laser Engraving. We offer services to a wide variety of industries including medical, dental, industrial, and promotional. We can engrave text, graphics, or photographs into many different materials. Popular uses for Laser Marking & Engraving include product identification such as marking serial numbers or custom logos on the material or items of your choice.

Product Identification

Laser engraving is an excellent option for businesses looking to improve product identification. By using a high-precision laser to etch text, logos, and other identifying marks onto products, businesses can create durable and highly readable markings that will last the lifetime of the product.

Part Numbers & Serial Numbers

One of the key advantages of laser engraving for product identification is its ability to create small, precise markings that remain highly legible even in harsh environments. This is particularly useful for products that require unique serial numbers, such as electronics or machinery parts, which need to be tracked throughout their lifespan.

Machine Dials & Parts

Laser engraving is an ideal solution for creating clear and legible markings on machine dials and parts across a wide range of industries. In applications such as medical equipment, aerospace, or automotive industries, accurate and precise readings are critical for ensuring the safety and functionality of machinery.

Product Nameplates

With the precision and flexibility of laser engraving technology, businesses can create customized and professional-looking nameplates that meet strict standards for clear and legible markings with a wide variety of text sizes, iconography, and symbols.