Laser Safety Eyewear, Glasses, and Goggles

Laser Safety Eyewear, Glasses, and Goggles

Cascade Laser offers a wide variety of laser safety eyewear, both in laser glasses and laser goggles to suit most applications.

We offer laser eyewear with glass filters for maximum optical density and protection. Glass filters are the most durable product we offer and they can be offered in a variety of laser eyewear styles, including several frame styles in spectacles and laser goggles. We provide eyewear style suitable for Rx (prescription) and wrap-around style as well, which are designed to fit over prescription eyewear.

We also offer laser eyewear with polycarbonate filters, which are lightweight for maximum comfort and affordability. This laser safety eyewear is made of a tough, durable, heat and cold resistant, optical quality plastic.

In addition to laser safety eyewear, we also offer safety eyewear for IPL and flashlamp applications, including block-out frames for patients.

Please refer to our choices below. One category shows our entire product offering of laser safety eyewear, IPL, and flashlamp in list form, but we have also introduced a new tool that allows you to easily select laser eyewear from a "Quick Reference Chart", which makes finding the laser eyewear you need simpler than ever!

Cascade Laser Corporation is a Corporate Member of Laser Institute of America, a professional society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser applications and laser safety worldwide. They can help you determine the best laser glasses or laser goggles for your needs.