Custom Laser Optics - Mirrors and Windows

Custom Laser Optics - Mirrors and Windows

Custom Laser Optics - Mirrors and Windows

Cascade Laser has been providing optical components for lasers since 1985. Most of our optics were originally created as replacement components for existing laser systems, but over the years, we have provided thousands of custom optical components for universities, industrial laser companies, OEM's, and more. To date, we have never advertised this as a service, but our capabilities and the versatility of our vendor base make this a natural market for us to pursue.

We can provide a host of different materials as indicated below, for use in a wide variety of laser applications. Our coating capability ranges from 355nm - 1550nm (UV through Near IR) and then from 3um - 14um (far IR). We are able to provide AR (anti-reflective), PR (partial-reflective), and HR (high-reflective) coatings. Our primary focus over the years has been Nd:YAG lasers and the multiples (532nm and 355nm), but we have provided optics for many other lasers and wavelengths, including Co2 lasers in the Far IR spectrum.

Our questionnaire below allows you enter all your specifications for a quotation, but if you have a technical drawing available, please send an email to with the drawing as an attachment. You will receive a courtesy response, perhaps with some follow-up questions, within a day or two of your inquiry. Within a few days, you will have an official quotation in hand.

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