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Laser Accessories & Laser Diagnostic Tools
Laser Accessories

Laser Accessories

Cascade Laser offers a diverse line of Laser Accessories for lasers used in many applications and professions.

Here are a few of the industries we serve:

Medical, Laser Diamond Cutting, Dental, Scientific Lasers, Electronic Manufacturing, Forensics, Laser Engraving and Laser Marking, Semiconductor Processing, Micro Via Laser Drilling Applications, Academic, Laser Entertainment, Laser Machining & Welding, and many more....
Within our laser accessories section, you will find a Laser Power Meter, Laser Glasses & Laser Goggles, Laser Power Probes, Near IR Display Plates, an IR Viewer, Thermal Image Plates, and much more.

Our line of laser accessories spans most any laser type and wavelength, some of the most common being YAG lasers, Co2 Lasers, Argon Lasers, Diode Lasers, Fiber Lasers, Excimer Lasers, Helium Neon Lasers, and so on.

We have been in the laser industry since 1985 and we have a great deal of experience with laser related products. Our products all have a proven track record for both value and quality.

The laser accessories shown on our site are the most basic representation of our complete product line. We have done this to keep our website easy to navigate and less cluttered. While we do offer a very comprehensive variety of laser accessories here, we recognize that there are always exceptions and applications that stretch the boundaries.

If you don't see the laser accessory you're looking for, please let us know what it is by filling out the "Need Help" section to the left of our webpage, or you can E-mail us by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page. We will respond promptly. If we can't help you directly, we are often able to point you in the right direction!