Laser Lamps

CASCADE LASER CORP.: Laser Lamps for lamp pumped lasers

Listed below are laser lamps available for Control Laser, Quantronix, ESI, Holobeam, JK Lumonics, Lee Laser, NEC, Laser Applications, AB Laser, Baasel, Spectra Physics, Raytheon, Rofin, Electrox, Coherent and many other laser models. The lamps are listed alphabetically by the lasers in which they are used. In many cases several different manufacturers' lamps are available for a given laser, and selection will depend on your individual requirements. If you do not see your lamp in our list, please contact us and we will find it for you!

Laser Manufacture Lamp List

AB Laser/Baasel Candela Laser Chicago Laser Clark MXR Laser Coherent Laser Continuum Laser Control Laser Crafford Laser Cynosure Laser Electrox Laser ESI Laser Fox Labs Laser General Scanning Laser GSI Lumonics Hans Laser Holobeam Laser JK Laser LASAG Laser Laser Applications Laser Identification Systems Laserscope Laservall Lee Laser LTX Laser Lumonics Laser Miyachi Laser Molectron Laser NEC Laser Pacific Laser Quantrad Laser Quantronix Laser Raytheon Laser Rofin Sinar Laser Spectra Physics Spectron Laser TLSI (Teradyne Laser Systems Teradyne Laser Laser Toshiba Laser Trimedyne Laser Trumph Laser Vanzetti Systems Vision

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