USB PM2 Laser Power Sensor - 2 Watt

Item #: COH1174264
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Product Description

USB PM2 Laser Power Sensor, 2 watts continuous.

The PowerMax-USB sensors provide plug and play laser power measurement directly on a PC without the need for additional electronic instrumentation. PowerMax PC application software is included with the USB sensor.

PM2 Specifications

Wavelength Range
190 - 11000 nm
Power Range
5mW to 2W
Intermittent Power
5W <5min
Maximum Power Density
6 kW/cm2
Maximum Energy Density
600 mJ/cm2 10ns @ 1064nm
Active Area Diameter
19 mm
Calibration Wavelength
10600 nm
Calibration Uncertainty
Response Time
2 sec
Detector Coating
51x46x14 mm
RoHS Compliant

PM2 Laser Power Meter Sensor for use with FieldMate, FieldMaxII TO, FieldMaxII TOP, LabMax-Touch, and LabMax-Touch Pro

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