USB & RS232 Sensors - Connect directly to a Computer!

The new PowerMax USB/RS sensors are the world's first laser power sensors that utilizes state of the art microelectronics miniaturization techniques and integrate an entire instrument within a USB 2.0 or RS-232 cable connector. Specifically, PowerMax USB/RS sensors have all the signal processing and power measurement electronics normally contained in a LabMax meter, and connects directly to a PC with plug and play functionality. Ideally suited for low and high volume embedded sensor applications, this new family of sensors eliminates the need for a separate meter box, thus delivering a significant savings in cost and space, but with no reduction whatsoever in performance.


  • PowerMax-USB provides direct USB 2.0 connection to PC. Power provided via USB connection.
  • PowerMax-RS provides RS-232 connectivity. Power input provided via +5 VDC input.
  • Instrumentation platform is compatible with thermopiles and optical sensors
  • Displays beam position with position-sensing quadrant thermopiles (with LM-model sensors like LM-10)
  • High resolution 24-bit A/D converter supports measurement accuracy equivalent to that found in Coherent?s top-of-the-line LabMax meter
  • Four digits of measurement resolution
  • Sensors include spectral compensation for accurate use at wavelengths that differ from the calibration wavelength. Each device receives a unique spectral compensation curve specific to the absorption of its specific element, as well as transmission characterization of any associated optics.
  • Thermopile sensors include a speed-up algorithm that speeds up the natural response of the thermopile detector without overshoot
  • LED status indicators inside USB and RS-232 connectors provide health-and-status information
  • Long pulse joules capability using thermopile sensors