Abris-M Infrared Viewer 350-2000nm with 1X Lens

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Abris-M 350-2000nm with 1X Lens


Abris-M 2000 1X 26mm lens

Carrying case, Battery, Handle, Light blocking filter, Manual, and 24 month Limited Warranty

High performance image conversion IR viewers based on high-grade image converter are designed to observe indirect radiation of infrared laser, light emitting diodes (LED), dye and other IR-sources in 350 – 2000 nm spectral range.

(IR) Infrared viewer is based on a first generation high-grade image converter that has an electro-static focusing system, photocathode S-1+ with increased concentration of oxygen and screen of type P-20 with maximum of luminescence at 550nm.

Infrared viewer focus emitted or reflected light from a chosen subject into the image tube where electron image is generated. When powered (with battery or power supply) the 16-18 kV voltage is generated required to accelerate the electron image into the output phosphor screen. The fluorescent green light output (550 nm) is observed via an adjustable eyepiece lens.

    Typical applications:
  • - Laser alignment and safety. (IR) Infrared viewer is ideal for alignment of infrared laser beam and optical components in near infrared systems.
  • - Semiconductors inspection. With a microscope adapter IR viewer can be used to view through the surface of silicon and gallium arsenide wafers.
  • - Forensics and art restoration
  • - Photo processing
  • - Thermal imaging

Spectral Sensitivity
350 to 2000nm
Field of View
40 degrees
1:1 26mm f/1.4 Lens
Focal Range
150mm / 5.9" (50mm / 2" with distance ring) to infinity
60 lines/mm min.
Battery Life using standard AAA-Cells
35 hrs continuous
5.58" x 3.1" x 2.0" / 140 x 78 x 52 mm
13oz / 380g
Operating Temperature
-14F to 104F / -10C to 40C

Abris-M Accessories

1X 26mm f1.4 lens 2X 50mm f1.8 lens 1X Lens Neutral Density Filter 2X Lens Neutral Density Filter Distance Ring Iris Diaphragm C-Mount Camera Adapter Microscope Adapter Video Adapter IR Iluminator