7215D-SACE IR ElectroViewer

7215D-SACE IR ElectroViewer

Sofradir IR Viewers are nearing the end life as a product line.
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ElectroViewer 7215D-SACE

with ON/OFF Toggle Switch and 240VAC Power Supply

The Sofradir Infrared Viewer 7215D-SACE sets new standards with an image that is sharp and in-focus "edge to edge". The brightest image available today, hand held IR viewers are designed for observing near-IR sources that radiate from 400-1300 nm. Because of its spectral response, the 7215 IR Viewer is ideal for viewing and aligning laser beams and stray reflections (for such lasers as GaAs laser diodes @800-950 nm, Nd:YAG @1060 nm, GaAlAs @1350 nm). In spectroscopy, the 7215 IR Viewer is useful in observing the reflectance properties of various materials. Also, with the addition of a near-infrared light source, 7215 IR Viewer can be used for such "see-in-the-dark" applications as: film processing, retinal tissue examination as well as night vision.

7215D-SACE has a ON/OFF toggle switch for continuous operation instead of push button ON switch.

7215 Specifications

Spectral Response
400 - 1300 nm
Input Photocathode
Output Fluorescent Screen
P-20 Phosphor
Output Resolution
60 lp/mm
Peak Emission Wavelength
Responsivity @ 1600nm
0.45-0.85 mA/W
Object Distance
4" to infinity
Field of View
Battery Life
100 hours typical
Battery Type
9V Alkaline
Size (L x W x H)
excluding handle & lens
(8 x 8 x 6 cm)
Weight without Lens
1.25lb (570g)

7215D-SACE includes 25mm objective lens, eyepiece, 9V battery,
ON/OFF Toggle Switch, & 240VAC power supply.

7215 Accessories

Foamed lined carrying case for 7215.
CCTV Relay lens for interface with CCTV Cameras.
Captures any 1" filter into 25mm objective lens.
Visable Light Cut Off