7215D IR ElectroViewer

7215D IR ElectroViewer

Sofradir IR Viewers are nearing the end life as a product line.
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ElectroViewer 7215D

The Sofradir Infrared Viewer 7215 sets new standards with an image that is sharp and in-focus "edge to edge". The brightest image available today, hand held IR viewers are designed for observing near-IR sources that radiate from 400-1300 nm. Because of its spectral response, the 7215 IR Viewer is ideal for viewing and aligning laser beams and stray reflections (for such lasers as GaAs laser diodes @800-950 nm, Nd:YAG @1060 nm, GaAlAs @1350 nm). In spectroscopy, the 7215 IR Viewer is useful in observing the reflectance properties of various materials. Also, with the addition of a near-infrared light source, the Sofradir 7215 IR Viewer can be used for such "see-in-the-dark" applications as: film processing, retinal tissue examination as well as night vision.

7215 Specifications

Spectral Response
400 - 1300 nm
Input Photocathode
Output Fluorescent Screen
P-20 Phosphor
Output Resolution
60 lp/mm
Peak Emission Wavelength
Responsivity @ 1600nm
0.45-0.85 mA/W
Object Distance
4" to infinity
Field of View
Battery Life
100 hours typical
Battery Type
9V Alkaline
Size (L x W x H)
excluding handle & lens
(8 x 8 x 6 cm)
Weight without Lens
1.25lb (570g)

7215D includes 25mm objective lens, eyepiece, & 9V battery.

7215 Accessories

Foamed lined carrying case for 7215.
CCTV Relay lens for interface with CCTV Cameras.
Captures any 1" filter into 25mm objective lens.
Visable Light Cut Off