OP-2-VIS Silicon Optical Sensor

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Product Description

OP-2-VIS Silicon optical sensor

  • Silicon photodiode
  • 400-1064nm range
  • Fiber-optic connector (optional)
  • 1000:1 attenuator (optional)
  • RoHS Compliant

OP-2-VIS is a silicon sensor for 400-1064 nm (VIS).
The OP-2-VIS silicon sensor is provided with a mounting base, adjustable-height post, removable light shield, and connecting cable. If the laser power exceeds the maximum limit for the VIS sensor, then an optional optical attenuator is available to allow measurements up to 5W. Adapters for common fiber optic connectors are also an available option.

OP-2-VIS Specifications

Wavelength Range
400 - 1060 nm
Power Range
10nW to 30 mW
(wavelength dependent)
Intermittent Power
Maximum Power Density
1 W/cm2
Maximum Energy Density
Active Area Diameter
7.9 mm
Calibration Wavelength
Calibration Uncertainty
Response Time
Detector Coating
Silicon Photodiode
Ø29 x 19 mm
RoHS Compliant

UV/VIS USB Laser Power Sensor with PowerMax software

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