Testo 875i-2 Deluxe Thermal Imager Kit

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Product Description

Testo 875i-2 Deluxe Thermal Imager Kit

Amazing image Amazing image quality right out of the box, with extreme sensitivity and expandable resolution option (using IRSoft Imaging software), this thermal imager provides the right amount of power and flexibility to provide quality thermal imaging at a very affordable value. The high sensitivity 50mK and 160 x 120 resolution make this extremely versatile for thermal imaging inspection.

The testo 875i-2 Deluxe Kit is a fully loaded thermal imager with telephoto lens. Included in the kit is an interchangeable telephoto lens, a lens protection glass, as well as an additional battery and quick charger, ensuring there is little downtime when using the thermal imager for extended periods of time.


  • Thermal sensitivity to <50mK will show even minimal temperature differences
  • Power LEDs guarantee optimal illumination for both the digital pictures, as well as optical thermal image
  • Solar mode enters and saves sunlight values for each thermal image
  • Interchangeable telephoto lens for additional application usage
  • Built in digital camera with Twin Pix allows capture of both thermal captures, as well as digital images
  • SuperResolution Technology enhances image quality to 320 x 240
  • Advanced report writing and image analysis with included software
  • Large 3.5? LCD Screen
  • Easy 1-Button control
  • Quality resolution (160 x 120)
  • Patented SuperResolution provides 320 x 240 resolution images when downloaded to IRSoft
  • 32? wide angle lens
  • <50 mK NETD sensitivity
  • Lens Protection Glass (Optional)
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Included 2GB SD card for storage
  • TwinPix image blending
  • Customizeable Reporting Software
  • Meets all RESNET Standards

What's included:

  • testo 875i-2 adjustable lens thermal imager
  • telephoto lens
  • lens protection glass,
  • hard shell storage case
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • USB Cable
  • IRSoft software
  • power supply
  • battery
  • external rapid charger
  • extra battery
  • instruction manual
  • Certificate of Conformity

Testo 875i Data Sheet PDF file.

875-2 Accessories

SuperResolution to 320 x 240
Rapid Charger with 2-bays
Spare Battery
Len Protection Glass
Switching Adapter 5VDC 5A
1" wide Adhesive Tape
NIST Calibration Service