Testo 882 Thermal Imager Kit w SuperResolution

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Product Description

Testo 882 Thermal Imager with SuperResolution

Amazing image quality right out of the box, with extreme sensitivity and expandable resolution option (using IRSoft Imaging software), this thermal imager provides the right amount of power and flexibility to provide quality thermal imaging at a very affordable value. Features such as a short distance focal point, built in digital camera, its high sensitivity 50mK and 320 x 240 resolution make this extremely versitile for various thermal imaging applications.

The testo 882 is a feature rich thermal imager that can be used in a variety of thermography applications. With easy one handed operation, 32? adjustable focus lens, and Lens Protector, the 882 Thermal Imager is a versatile solution for a wide variety of thermal imaging applications.


  • 32? wide angle lens with 7? minimum focal point
  • Solar mode identifies solar intensity values
  • SuperResolution Technology enhances image quality to 640 x 480
  • TwinPix overlays IR image over real image
  • Large 3.5? LCD Screen
  • 32? wide angle lens, with a minimum of 7? focal point
  • High Temperature Option (1022?F)
  • Radiometric Video Recording
  • Isotherms
  • Voice Annotation with included headset
  • Lens Protection Glass
  • Humidity measurement with optional radio probe
  • Customizable Reporting Software
  • Included 2GB SD card for storage
  • Video Output via USB allows for immediate viewing on a computer screen

What's included:

  • testo 882 adjustable focus thermal imager
  • hard shell storage case
  • 2GB SD memory card
  • USB cable
  • IRSoft imaging software
  • power supply
  • battery
  • instruction manual
  • Certificate of Conformity

Testo 882 Data Sheet PDF file.

882 Accessories

Rapid Charger with 2-bays
Spare Battery
Len Protection Glass
Switching Adapter 5VDC 5A
1" wide Adhesive Tape
NIST Calibration Service