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ElectroViewer 7215 Handheld IR viewer

The ElectroViewer 7215 is a high performance, handheld infrared viewer designed to the requirements for near IR laser beam finding and alignment. The ElectroViewer delivers a remarkably bright image, features and standard C-Mount lens and accessories that make it the perfect tool for in-the-lab and in-the-field.

MicronViewer 7290 IR Camera

The MicronViewer is a near infrared video camera with spectral response form 400 to 1900nm (2200nm optional). Simple controls and compact size make the 7290 easy to use. Used by optical telecom component developers, the camera's combination of high sensitivity, high resolution, and low price have made it the world's best selling short-wavelength camera.

Objective Lenses with C-Mount

Sofradir EC offers a wide range of lenses designed for 1" C-Mount cameras and viewers. These lenses feature manual focus and an integrated adjustable iris diaphragm. These lenses also feature broadband lens coatings making them ideal low cost solutions for imaging in the near-infrared spectral range with reduced flare and ghosting. A C-Mount Extension Tube kit is also available for those applications requiring close focus and higher magnification. Also available are two quartz objective lenses that are suitable for imaging from UV through Near-IR range.

Optical Filters

These optical filters are perfect for many applications that benefit from blocking out-of-band electromagnetic radiation while passing other wavelength regions. These filters are normally positioned in front of the camera's objective lens or between the camera's lens and the imaging sensor.