ATOM1024 with 13mm f/1.1 manual focus lens and Camera Link

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ATOM1024 with
13mm f/1.1 manual focus lens and Camera Link

Incorporating an advanced 1024x768 microbolometer detector array, the Atom 1024 Uncooled Infrared Camera delivers extremely high resolution in an XGA format. The camera is designed for a wide variety of applications that benefit from its superb image detail and excellent thermal sensitivity. Because of the camera?s small compact size and low power onsumption, the Atom 1024 is easy to integrate, and ideally suited for a wide range of military and COTS thermal imaging systems.
The Atom 1024?s short thermal time constant produces superior thermal image quality even while imaging fast moving objects, making the system an ideal choice for handheld, ground vehicle and airborne EOIR platforms and advanced fusion-based night vision systems.

Thermal IR Detector
Uncooled ASi Microbolometer
Array Size
XGA - 1024x768 pixels
Pixel Pitch
17 microns
Detector Spectral Range
8-14 microns
Frame Rate
30Hz XGA (Option for 60Hz VGA)
Thermal Time Constant
Detector Sensitivity (f/1)
Time to First Image
<4 seconds
Video Processing
Non-uniformity correction, Auto/Manual gain, BPR, Digital Zoom, Digital Filtering, Built-in Self Test, Test Patterns, External Synchronization

Camera Link
Operating Temperature
-40?C to 60?C
Non-Operating Temperature
-45?C to 70?C
14-bit Streaming Digital Output
Camera Link
Serial Control Interface
Camera Link
Graphical User Interface
Size (Lens not included) WxHxL
Weight (Lens not included)
Input Voltage
Power Consumption