Themography Applications

Building Thermography

For some years thermography has been an indispensable diagnostic instrument in energy consultation, in tracking down structural defects or checking heating equipment and installations. Thanks to their outstanding thermal sensitivity, Testo thermal imagers are able to detect even the most minor defects or damage.

Maintenance Thermography

With thermal imagers from Testo, you can detect thermal anomalies in maintenance easily, efficiently and safely. Beside preventive mechanical and electrical maintenance, you can also check the fill level of sealed fluid tanks, for example.

Energy Distribution

Find out more about the many possible ways of using Testo thermal imagers in the field of energy generation and distribution.

Production Quality

Thermographic measurements play a valuable role in production, both in quality control and in quality assurance. Thanks to the non-contact infrared technology of the thermal imager, measurements can even be carried out without interrupting production.

Research and Development

In research & development, thermal imagers can be used to measure heat development over specific time periods ? in microelectronics for example ? as well as for the non-contact measurement of surface temperatures.

Solar Panel Inspection

Testo thermal cameras provide easy and effective solution to proof and troubleshoot solar panel installations in conformance with the 2014 Infraspection Institute standard.