Alignment Laser

Alignment Laser

We now offer a replacement laser for the CR90 series of HeNe lasers. The laser head is our part number ALH100 and the power supply that works with the head is our part number ALPS100. The ALS100 includes the Laser Head, Power Supply, and Cable.

This laser was designed as a replacement unit for an existing alignment laser, it can certainly be used for any other application! We can modify this design to your exact specifications if this unit isn't exactly what you're looking for.

Our laser head and power supply must be used TOGETHER. In other words, our head will not work with the old CR-115B power supply and our power supply will not work with the original CR90-20H/22H heads. Our laser head is the same size as the original CR90-20H/22H head, so there are no mechanical changes to be made. Our power supply is about the same size as the old CR90-115B power supply, so it can sit in the same location as your original supply. There is a 6 foot cable included to connect the two units together.

Our laser is made with new laser diode technology and it has approximately the same output power as the original Helium Neon laser made by CR Laser. The power supply is a DC laser diode power supply. The supply is set up for 120 VAC at the factory, but the internal PC board is capable of 220 VAC 50/60hz. If required, we could add a switch and make the power supply 220 VAC capable. The power supply is a desktop unit which was built to be similar in appearance to the HeNe power supply it replaces. The power supply size is about 3" tall, 6.25" wide, and 7.25" deep.

The size of the head is 1.75" OD X 12" long. On the output side, there is a mounting bezel with 4 symmetrically placed tapped holes in a 1.375" circle. The holes are tapped at 4-40 UNC. There are a lot of CR Lasers mounted onto laser processing systems manufactured by Chicago Laser, Lee Laser, GSI Lumonics, etc. Usually, there is a beam bending prism mounted to the end of the CR Laser with 4 screws. That beam bender prism is NOT included with this laser, but the configuration of our end cap is identical to the one used by CR Laser, so you only need to remove the beam bender from the existing laser and re-attach it to our laser head ... a process that takes 5 minutes at the most.

We have now sold several of these units and they are being very well received!