Alignment Laser Head

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Product Description

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This is the replacement alignment laser head that goes into our complete alignment laser system, ALS100.

The size of the head is 1.75" OD X 12" long. On the output side, there is a mounting bezel with 4 symmetrically placed tapped holes in a 1.375" circle. The holes are tapped at 4-40 UNC. There are a lot of CR Lasers mounted onto laser processing systems manufactured by Chicago Laser, Lee Laser, GSI Lumonics, etc. Usually, there is a beam bending prism mounted to the end of the CR Laser with 4 screws. That beam bender prism is NOT included with this laser, but the configuration of our end cap is identical to the one used by CR Laser, so you only need to remove the beam bender from the existing laser and re-attach it to our laser head ... a process that takes 5 minutes at the most.