ESI Diode Pumped Laser, 1047nm 9.5ns 6.0kHz, New, P/N 83117

Item #: 83117
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Product Description

We are offering for sale a New ESI Laser Rail assembly used on some of ESI's laser processing systems. These laser were new when we acquired them from ESI and tested by their engineering group. They are offered with the test specs and are guaranteed to function, or your money back. We may be able to repair this laser if there is some kind of failure down the road, but these lasers are offered As-Is after the initial 20 day trial period.

  ESI Specifications:  
    Wavelength 1047 nm
    Pulse Width  9.5 +/- 2 ns
    Pulse Repetition Frequency 6.0 kHz

The Repair/Exchange part number of this ESI Laser Rail was 983117. The number 9 in front of the part number designates that a laser had been reconditioned. In later models, the number 9 in front of the part number got replaced by the letter R on the end of the part number, such that the part number would be 83117R. This laser was integrated into an ESI 9000 series laser processing system. According to the data we have available, this laser was most likely integrated in an ESI model 9275.

This item is offered as an outright sale. Please note that the photos shown here are representative of the basic look of the laser. The laser in the photo is not the actual laser you will receive.

We have this laser in stock, boxed, and ready to ship.