YAG Rod Refurbishing

YAG rods with surface damage can be refurbished to "like-new" condition. We offer very competitive pricing and we have the ability to mount YAG rods into most manufacturer's assemblies.YAG rods that are chipped or cracked can also be refurbished. Rods are cut to the maximum usable length prior to re-conditioning.YAG rods can be refurbished to any optical configuration including flat/flat, radiused or wedged. An A.R. coating @ 1.064 microns is typical, but other coatings are available on request.Please contact us for a quotation.PLEASE NOTE: Every effort will be made to handle customers' material with the greatest possible care, however breakage can occur during the refurbishing process. Cascade Laser assumes no liability expressed or implied regarding the structural integrity of YAG Rods sent to us for refurbishment. This is industry standard and allows us to continue to offer this service for a reasonable price without compromising high quality.