Cascade Laser Corporation warrants that all Cascade Laser supplied spare or replacement parts, and repairs or repair/exchange items will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of shipment. Cascade Laser's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts, when returned to Cascade Laser, freight prepaid. Warranty claims require prior authorization from Cascade Laser before being processed.This Warranty excludes:1. Parts carrying an individual warranty (i.e. Laser Lamps) 2. Optics and other consumable products (i.e. filters, lenses, mirrors and the like) 3. Products damaged as a result of negligence, mishandling or misuseDELIVERY: Most items can be shipped on the day ordered. The customer may select the method of shipment.REPAIR SERVICE: Repair/Exchange parts can be shipped on the order date with a verbal purchase order confirmation. The defective unit must be returned to us within 20 days or you will be charged the original manufacturer's new purchase price. Units sent to Cascade Laser for repair or rebuilding will be processed within 10 days (faster in most cases). Pricing is based on time and materials and estimates are available prior to repair.