Near IR Beam Probe MAC24-2 (Surface #2)

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Product Description

Near IR Beam Probe (Surface #2)

IR Display Plates and IR Beam Probes are versatile instruments that present clear, high contrast images of all near IR laser beams. These displays are made with infrared sensitive phosphors which offer a variety of unique features, variable image retention times for pulsed lasers, high resolution for CW YAG, and a good response to Gallium Arsenide light-emitting diodes. All near IR lasers are capable of being displayed over a wide sensitivity range.

Surface #2 is designed to be used with pulsed neodymium and other pulsed IR lasers. This surface fluoresces a bright green. Like surface #1, IR quenching produces a dark image display on a bright background. However, this surface has a much longer decay time which is ideally suited for viewing pulsed lasers. Depending on the illumination conditions, the image retention time can be varied from one tenth of a second to several minutes. The more intense the UV illumination, the shorter the persistence. When no UV illumination is used, and when the background illumination is dimmed, the phosphorescence of the surface will retain the laser beam pattern for several minutes.

All plate and imaging surfaces have a matte finish for safe beam displays, but we recommend using safety eyewear for all laser related applications.