Near IR Beam Probe MAC24-1 (Surface #1)

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Product Description

Near IR Beam Probe (Surface #1)

IR Display Plates and IR Beam Probes are versatile instruments that present clear, high contrast images of all near IR laser beams. These displays are made with infrared sensitive phosphors which offer a variety of unique features, variable image retention times for pulsed lasers, high resolution for CW YAG, and a good response to Gallium Arsenide light-emitting diodes. All near IR lasers are capable of being displayed over a wide sensitivity range.

Surface #1 is primarily designed for use with YAG Lasers. When illuminated by an ultraviolet lamp, this surface fluoresces a bright green. Striking the fluorescing surface with near IR light induces a transition which results in a quenching of the fluorescence. Therefore, the IR beam is displayed as a dark image on a bright fluorescent background. The sensitivity of this surface can be varied over a wide range by changing the intensity of the UV illumination; i.e, the distance of the UV lamp from the surface. The response time also depends on the UV illumination but is typically less than 10 milliseconds. This fast a response time is well suited for viewing rapidly changing YAG mode patterns; however, such a recovery time is too rapid to view a single pulsed laser.

All plate and imaging surfaces have a matte finish for safe beam displays, but we recommend using safety eyewear for all laser related applications.