Red Laser Beam Enhancement Glasses

Red Laser Enhancement Glasses for Laser Tools

We've had a lot of requests from people looking for eyewear that will help them see Red Laser beams better, especially outdoors or in bright lighting conditions. Many construction tools like laser levels, laser line generators, skill saws, tape measures, and distance measuring devices, use lasers as a reference spot or line. Unfortunately, the power of the Red Laser beam is often not strong enough to be seen under bright lighting conditions.

Because Red Laser beams can be difficult to see, we searched out a solution and found one. The laser glasses we're offering here enhance the Red Laser beam, so it can be seen better outdoors or in bright lighting conditions. This eyewear is ideal for contractors, hobbyists, carpenters, homeowners, and surveyors who have the need to see the laser beam emitted from their tools, etc.

These glasses do not make the beam "brighter", they simply reduce the ambient light that enters your eyes without reducing the red light from the laser. The result is that the red beam appears brighter, which is obviously the goal here. Even though these laser glasses effectively increase the brightness of the Red Laser beam, there is no guarantee that this eyewear will allow you to see all red laser beams in all lighting conditions.

Green Lasers have recently been integrated into laser tools, but at this point the cost is still prohibitive. Green Lasers are much more expensive than Red Lasers, but the added advantage is that they are considerably brighter at the same power range. Even the brighter Green Lasers can't be seen well in all lighting conditions. The laser glasses offered here are for RED LASERS ONLY. We do not offer laser glasses that enhance the Green Laser at this point.

The frame shown here can be purchased in small, medium, and large. Please select the proper frame from the drop-down menu when ordering.