Laser Window, Dye Protective Violet, .140" thick, Laser Acrylic

Item #: LPW-DYE
Regular price: $380.00

Product Description

Laser Safety Window: Acrylic laser protection windows and laser protective sheets are manufactured from the highest quality optical filter acrylic. Laser windows are ideal for applications where the laser processing areas need to be seen, but the potentially harmful laser radiation needs to be contained.

In some cases, a laser window is used in place of a standard window for viewing into a laser production area, they can be used as small viewing windows within entry access doors, and they are also useful for integrating directly into production equipment so the laser processing can be viewed safely.

Acrylic laser windows are available in 1 square foot increments, with standard sizes up to 24 inch x 36 inch. Custom sizes and shapes are available upon request.


Sizes: 12"x12", 12"x24", 24"x24", 24"x36" with thicknesses of 0.140"

Material VLT Color
Acrylic 26% Violet

Wavelength OD
575-590nm 3+
578-588nm 5+
580-585nm 6+
10,600nm 5+

Note: Each sheet is spectrophotometrically tested to ascertain
the minimum optical density in the given range.

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