Laser Diode Module, Spectra Physics 20 Watt

Cascade Laser Corp

The 20 watt laser diode module, Cascade Laser P/N LDMSP15W, is often found in the Spectra Physics T20 and J20 laser power supplies. The 20 watt laser diode modules can also be used in pairs in the SP T40 and J40 power supplies, assuming the power supply is configured properly.

The Laser Diode Modules we offer are sold on a Repair/Exchange basis, meaning that we need to receive a defective module from you in exchange for the one we provide. The warranty on our Laser Diode Modules is one year, or 8000 hours, whichever comes first. Our modules are fully compatible with the Spectra Physics power supplies and include the NTC

Thermistor, the safety relay, and an interface PC Board with the EEPROM programmed and installed. These high power laser diode modules feature rugged construction and a completely sealed package to insure stability and longevity.

We have sold dozens of these Laser Diode Modules and they have been very well received. Please contact us at for pricing and delivery information. The good news is that we can usually deliver single quantities quickly.

Mechanical Outline Drawing (Dimensions in inches)

Optical and Electrical Characteristics (T=25ºC):

Optical Output Power

15 W MAX

Threshold Current




Operating Current (Amp) @ 15W


Operating Voltage (Volt) @ 15W

2.2 MAX

Center Wavelength (nm) @ 15W / 25C


Linewidth FWHM (nm)


Fiber Core Diameter

1100 ±20 micron

Fiber Numerical Aperture

0.12 ±0.02

Fiber Output Connector


Fiber length

5 ±0.1m

Power Output vs Current (T=25ºC):