Digital Laser Power Probes

Digital Laser Power Probes
Digital Laser Power Probes

Digital Laser Power Probes

Seven Different Laser Power Probe Heads are available for use with the Model 30 Digital Laser Meter. The Laser Probe Heads have four different power ranges.

The Laser Probe Heads are also available with two (recently improved) absorbing coatings designated "Y" and "C". The "Y" series Probe Heads have a broad spectral absorption coating which is particularly useful for YAG lasers but covers a spectral range from 0.4 to 6 microns using the standard calibration.

The new "Y" coating has a bulk absorption characteristic which permits the coating to better withstand Q switched pulses or concentrated beams without damage. This coating can also be used with CO2 lasers but a correction of the exposure time is required.

If the Probe Head is to be used with only a CO2 laser, then the "C" coating is preferred. The "C" coating does not exhibit damage until the aluminum substrate is close to melting.

Digital Laser Power Probe Specifications

Probe Head Models MACD1-C & MACD1-Y Models MACD2-C & MACD2-Y Models MACD3-C & MACD3-Y Models MACD4-C

Useful power range(w)

20 to 220

100 to 1100


1000 to 11,000

Exposure time(sec>





Resolution(W) 0.1 1 1 10
Head dia.(c)mm(in.) 39(1.5) 63(2.5) 76(3.0) 101(4.0)
Head Thickness(c)mm(in.) 12(.47) 25(.99) 31(1.22) 48(1.89)
Accuracy(a) +/-4% + .2W +/-4% + 1W +/-4% + 2W +/-4% + 10W
Repeatability 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Net Weight(b) (g) 120 290 465 1160