Find-R-Scope IR Viewer, PAL Video Format, 400 - 1250nm, IRV89400P

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Product Description

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The IRV89400P is a self-contained, hand-held Infrared Viewer with a spectral sensitivity of 400-1250 nm, and PAL format video output.

  • Solid State B/W Viewfinder
  • Completely Self-Contained
  • Lightweight
  • High-Resolution
  • Simultaneous Video Output
  • User Adjustable Eyepiece
  • Standard Tripod Mount
  • Accepts C-mount Lenses
  • Includes Rechargeable Batt.
  • Includes Ext. P.S./Charger.
  • Includes Charge Indicator
  • Viewer Has On-Off Indicator
  • Includes Hard Side Case
  • 18-Month Limited Warranty

The IRV89400P is a self-contained, hand-held infrared viewer operating in the near-infrared region of the spectrum. The device provides a clear view of objects or images which can not otherwise be seen by the naked eye. It also includes a B/W CRT Viewfinder and a standard Video Output that can feed a PAL format video monitor, VCR, etc.

The IRV89400 has a wide variety of applications in many different industries. These applications are further expanded by taking advantage of the available accessories. The optional close-up lens allows for alignment and verification of fiber optic sources. The infrared filters increase the signal-to-noise ratio by blocking visible light while inspecting infrared emitting diodes, aligning laser systems and examining art and other historic or legal documents.

Other applications include low light surveillance, biological research, electrical maintenance, hot-spot detection, and clinical medicine.

Field of View:
17 degrees
1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor
Standard "C" Mount 16mm, É/1.6
Standard Focal Range:
101mm, (4") to infinity
Regions Displayed:
Visible, Near-IR
Spectral Sensitivity:
Peak Sensitivity:
>420 TV Lines
290 x 218 Pixel Solid State
9V NiCad or AC
Battery Life:
<1-hour per charge
Typical Charge Time: