Visible Blocking Filter, Find-R-Scope IR Viewer, IRV80115

Item #: IRV80115
Regular price: $139.00

Product Description

830 nm Longpass Filter blocks visible. For use with standard Find-R-Scope Infragon objective lenses.

The IVR80115 filter is a screw on lens attachment works as an accessory to the standard lens. This longpass filter blocks the visible spectrum for a better signal-to-noise ratio when viewing the near-IR. (Threshold minimum @ 780 nm.)

This filter is for use with FIND-R-SCOPE®models that use the Infragon objective lens. The Infragon lens is standard with models IRV84499A, IRV84499A-5, IRV85268A, IRV85268A-5, IRV85100, IRV85100-5, IRV85100A, IRV85100A-5, IRV85050A, IRV85050A-5, IRV85051A and IRV85051A-5. This filter is also compatible with models IRV84499, IRV84499-5, IRV85100 and IRV85100-5 when used with the standard Infragon lens.

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