Near IR Sensor Card, Transmissive

Item #: IRSCQ42T
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Product Description

IR Sensor Card, Transmissive.

InfraRed Sensor Cards are laminated transmissive or reflective sensor screens and are the most commonly used basic sensor products. The phosphor layer is laminated between clear plastic for a wide range of near-IR detection and imaging applications.

Transmissive sensors like this one, allow some of the energy to pass through the phoshphor, so the image can be seen on the reverse side of the card as well as the front.

When struck by a laser in the Near IR range between 0.7-1.6 Microns, the phosphor illuminates and emits a 640nm (deep orange) wavelength, which is visible to the human eye.

Minimum required intensity for viewing in a dark room is 3 uWatts/cm2. In normal room light, 100 uWatts/cm2 is required for viewing. Resolution is 3 Lp/mm. (lines per mm).

Maximum power density is 500-700 mWatts/cm2 for a continuous wave laser. If the laser is pulsed, the power density will need to be calculated in order ao avoid damage to the card.

The overall card dimensions are 2.5" X 4", with an active area of 2" X 2".