Custom Plastic Octagon Tags

CASCADE LASER CORP.: Standard Octagon Shaped Plastic Tags

Standard Octagon Plastic Tag

Octagon Plastic Tag Specifications

  • Octagon plastic tags have 1 hole per tag (see drawing above)
  • Octagon plastic tags are available in three sizes; 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2"
  • Standard plastic materials are .060" thick.
  • Thin plastic materials are .004" thick and have an adhesive backing.
  • All Plastics are UV stable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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We are able to process for small quantities but orders of 100+ pieces will offer the best value due to set-up time and other variables.

Tag Specifications

NOTE: 0.004" thickness come with adhesive backing.


NOTE: Engraving is optional. Please enter text exactly as you want it to appear. We will make the text as big as possible, but the more that is written per line, the smaller the font will have to be. Please specify font and other special requests below in comments. Data from a text data file can be used for engraving serial numbers or other tag unique data.

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