Eyewear for Candela Lasers

Eyewear for Candela Lasers

Candela Laser Laser Glasses and Goggles

Cascade Laser offers a wide variety of laser safety glasses and laser goggles to suit most applications. For the Candela Laser system we suggest the following Laser Safety Glasses for their excellent protection and visibility:
For both the Candela Alexandrite and YAG Lasers: LSEG-BG42

Some common terms:

* Optical density, or O.D. as is it is commonly known, refers to the attenuation factor of the filter to the base 10. Therefore, a filter with an OD of 2 attenuates the laser by a factor of 10 to the 2nd or 100, an OD of 3 attenuates the laser beam by a factor of 1,000, an OD of 4 by a factor of 10,000.

* Visible Light Transmission, or VLT as it is commonly known, refers to the attenuation of light by a filter in the visible spectrum. It is commonly expressed as the percentage of the visible daylight spectrum light allowed to pass thru.

* Central Europe Certified, or CE refers to products sold in the European Union that must be CE marked where a relevant European Directive exists.