AC100E Autocollimator - ESI 3570 series Mount

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Product Description

The AC100 Autocollimator is designed for applications where it is desirable to check the mutual alignment of two or more reflecting surfaces. The operator observes the images from these surfaces though the eyepiece of the autocollimator, as a check for mutual alignment of the surfaces.

The AC100 Autocollimator is ideally suited for alignment of the mirrors, laser rod and Q-switch of the Nd: YAG laser. The optical elements on the laser rail reflect and appear as bright images in the Autocollimator. When all reflecting images are superimposed on each other, the optical rail is aligned. The AC100 Autocollimator is primarily designed for use on plano/parallel reflective surfaces.

The AC100 autocollimator is mounted on a fixture designed for the ESI 3570 series lasers.

We also carry Autocollimators that are unmounted or with mounts for Control Laser and Lee Laser. See ordering information below for individual part numbers.

    AC100 Pinhole-type Alignment Autocollimator
  • 5 meter maximum working distance
  • 1 degree maximum field of view
  • 5 arc-second maximum resolution
  • Eyepiece rotates for comfortable viewing
  • Light source: long lasting white LED (variable intensity)
  • 120 - 240 VAC Power adapter and 6 foot cable included. Autocollimator can be run directly from a USB on a laptop computer with the 6 foot cable
  • Optional rechargeable battery kit will provide hundreds of hours of operation (click here)

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