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Cascade Laser laser cutting Cascade Laser provides laser components for Nd:YAG lasers, laser accessories, laser repair services for DPSS lasers, and laser engraving services.

We provide a wide variety of laser components including optics, laser rod assemblies, gold cavity reflectors, flow tubes, laser lamps, Q Switches, and many other laser related items. You'll also find a large selection of laser accessories, including laser power meters, laser safety eyewear, IR viewers & cameras, IR image plates & detection cards, and much more. Repair services are offered for many lamp-pumped lasers and most diode-pumped lasers on the market.

We are also a major supplier of laser engraved products, including customized metal tags and plastic tags. We have an inventory of several thousand tags of various shapes, colors, and sizes. All of our tags can be personalized with your logo and text according to your needs. In addition, we offer custom engraving, sandblasting, silk screening, and sublimation on many materials, including metal, plastic, wood, leather, glass, crystal, and more.

Our company was established in 1985 and we have a vast amount of experience and expertise on a wide range of products and technologies.